Our First Post

Posted on June 12 2013

So after years, 7 to be exact, of hosting tmacsports.com at one company, we decided to make a switch.  We've always wanted to grow the business slowly and the switch will allow us and our website to continue that growth.  The site will be set up very similar to the other site, especially with navigation.  We didn't want our returning customers to be completely thrown off.  Other than making this switch and putting long hours into making it seamless, it's been kind of a slow week with new info.

The Crosstown Showdown has been announced and scheduled.  More on that story here.  Also, here in BIG TEN country, it appears that Indiana wants to be a poor man's Oregon.  Except they suck and are sponsored by Adidas.  Unis are quite that bad, but those helmets.  I counted 5 different variations including a chrome and red candy striped one.  Video and pics can be seen here.

College is getting way out of hand with this.  We will continue to post pictures up on our facebook page of anything new and such.

Other than that, hope you enjoy the new look of our website.

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