About Us

T-Mac Sports was started in 2006 in Columbus Ohio.  Being avid collectors of sports memorabilia, especially mini football helmets, we realized that no one in Columbus was making high school versions of them.  Sure you could go to a company and order one specific item in bulk, but what about the collectors that just wanted to look at a website and think "Hey, I went to school there.  This would be neat to own".  So we began there.  Adding a few local schools along with some other schools in Ohio where we grew up.  From there it went pretty fast.  Within the first year we were up to 50 schools, next year 200.  Now we make schools all over the country.  The great state of Ohio is still what our main focus is and always will be, but being a collector is about branching out a bit and taking requests, making schools we like, schools we've heard of, schools customers requested, and schools where great football players went.  As of right now, in 2016, we make about 600 to 700 different schools' mini helmets, while growing our business to do other things.  You will see our decals, window clings, magnets, and other items on your cars, car windows, retail store windows, and even on Friday nights on your son's actual game helmet.

Let us know what you want, what you want to see, what you want to buy, and we will do our best to make it happen.


T-Mac Sports