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Authentic Mini Helmet Visor Installation

1. Apply light pressure and slide clips on each side of the mask. Be careful, even though they are molded, too much force can break them.

2. Hold visor with one hand and apply pressure to curve the visor.

3. Slide the visor under the facemask of the mini helmet until the middle tab is in the correct spot.

4. Apply pressure to the visor to conform into place. This will expose the holes. Line up one side and place screw into place. This will hold it for you to use your hand to twist the nut onto it. Tighten.

5. While still applying pressure to middle of visor to make the curve, move it till you see the hole for the other side. Insert screw again to hold it in place. Twist nut on like before.

6. Now twist both nuts until there is equal pressure on both sides.

7. Relax and marvel on how awesome it looks.

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